Miss Lebanese Emigrants

ملكة جمال الاغتراب اللبناني

مطلوب مشاركات لبنانيات في بريطانيا للاختيار من بينهن وأخريات من باقي دول العالم ملكة جمال الاغتراب اللبناني

Miss Lebanese Emigrants event will take place on Thursday August 3rd @8:00 p.m. at KAY Lounge Dhour Shweir .

Concerning the contestants stay in our beloved Lebanon please refer to the below points:

1. Check In Friday July 28th 2023 @12:00 p.m.

2. Check Out Friday August 4th 2023 @12:00 p.m.

The Tour program will be communicated at a later stage.

Contestants arriving Pre/ Post the above mentioned dates will cover all the expenses of their stay.

3. All contestants should provide us with the below documents and info:

A-CV of The elected Queens + 2 high resolution Photos

B- We also need URGENTLY for the designer to have for all the contestants before July 20th the below measurements:

– Height

– Height from the Shoulders till the Heels

– Weight

– Bust

– Waist

– Hips

– Evening Dress

– Pants

– Top

– Swim Suit

– Shoes

4- Contestants during their stay should ensure the below:


*Casual clothes for daily use

· *Swimsuit

· *Sportswear & Shoes

· *Jacket to wear it because it might be a bit cold at night

· *A pair of high heels

· *A cocktail dress

· *Pocket money to cover her personal expenses.

5-For the final Ceremony on 3rd August 2023, Every participant should bring:

· *The national costume of the country that She is representing to wear it during the final ceremony.

· *Open High Heels Shoes (Sandals) Silver or Gold.


– Swimsuits and dresses for the final ceremony are provided by the organizing committee.

Looking forward for a memorable event, for further details please don’t hesitate to contact us at : loubnan@hotmail.co.uk

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